Picture Books

Georgia’s 5th birthday is vanishing!
Her presents and party favours disappeared, and now her cards go flying.

A bit later, Georgia steps out into a strange world.

Can she find her birthday?

Off she sets on her search.

Drawn for
Lostmy.name Ltd, London

storyboard segment
for Balls
Author, Dot Sterling

As ideas are tossed back and forth, drawings sometimes get quick and rough (frame 3).

Practice cat drawing by Bill.

A personal project based on an African folk tale, Sun, Moon, Water.

Water had a great idea for a party (at Sun and Moon’s place). Everything started off marvellously...

But with this fellow Water, things can get out of hand.

When crabs start falling from the sky...

...Sun decides he’s had enough - but has he lost control of the situation? Stay tuned!

Dancing lobster study. I'll try to fit some into the storyboard.

Storyboard frames for On Architecture
Client: Andre Houston, architect.